January 2018 - Southern Cross Hotel


Wollongong is a beautiful, outdoor-loving beachside City, at its best when bathed in sunshine. Perhaps that is why it always comes as a shock when the wet weather rolls in and everyone is filled with gloom. But a rainy day does not have to mean moping about at home or flicking on Netflix. There is still a great bunch of things to enjoy around town. But… we think there is nothing better than a long lunch down at Pepe’s On The Beach whilst watching the raindrops fall into the Sea. Rainy days are good for the Soul, right? So pull out the gumboots, brolly, your book or headphones and splash to it!


On this rainy March day – lets hop Behind the Bar and get to know a gem that can make your day spent at Pepe’s a whole lot brighter.

Name: Christopher Mogine

How long have you been Behind the Bar?: about 2 and a half years

What can we find you doing on a rainy day?: Either in the Library reading or pulling the furniture in off the Back Deck @ Pepe’s

What food could you happily eat for the rest of your life?: Probably Pizza. Without the Pineapples!

What artist or band do you always recommend when someone asks for a music recommendation? The Oils’

Favourite beverage for those colder nights?: VB Mate

Favourite place on earth?: Burning Man Festival

What movie makes you laugh no matter how often you watch it? Ace Ventura

What new skill would you like to learn?: I’d like to be a Pilot one day

What food have you never eaten but would really love to try? Megan Fox


A high raw diet is important in the prevention of chronic diseases because it is the nature’s compounds that keep us well. Most vitamins and phytonutrients are destroyed or damaged when cooked or processed above 130 degrees – nutrients is lost.


When creating the menu for Pepe’s On The Beach, health benefits AND deliciousness of raw fish was taken into account. We are sharing the goodness in the best way we know how! Fresh from the Sea, to the plate, for you. Did you know….


–       Raw Salmon is packed with proteins, calcium and an entire daily dose of vitamin D – which is almost impossible to find in other foods!

–       Eating Salmon is beneficial in the treatment of osteoarthritis and other inflammatory joint conditions. The protein found in raw salmon improves bone density and strength.

–       Salmon contains a rich source of healthy Omega 3. This healthy acid does wonders for cardiovascular health, functionality of cells and reduces inflammation. Intake of fish containing Omega 3 is associated with decreased risk of depression & decreased risk of cognitive decline in older persons.

–       Salmon contains huge amounts of B vitamins, especially B12! Which support metabolism and energy levels.


Our Cali Bowl filled with RAW Salmon, Nori Weed, Sushi Rice, Pickled Ginger, Avocado, Black Sesame & Wasabi Mayo ticks all the boxes! Come and see us On The Beach to see what we are all about.



Coconut water has been trending for some time now, and for a very good reason. The Hawaiians refer to Coconut water as “dew from the heavens”, because of it’s incredible health benefits, and I refer to it, as my number ONE hangover cure!

FYI: Did you know that during World War II and the Vietnam War, Doctors used Coconut water for intravenous IV solutions, when traditional water supplies were low and they discovered that it acts as an electrolyte replacement. It is so deliciously good for us because of the nutrients it contains. These include vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and a rich source of major minerals, such as potassium, calcium & magnesium. How can something so tasty be oh so healthy?!


Coconut water has a bunch of health benefits! These include: rehydration, immune system booster, decreasing heat stroke, improving blood circulation in diabetics and even anti-aging treatments. This heavenly drop not only has 15 times more electrolytes than popular sports drinks, but also super low in calories! Making it an amazing remedy for those horrible hangovers.

That’s why, at Pepe’s On The Beach, we love the Sailor Jerry’s Spiked Coconut. It is one of the signature summer cocktails on our delicious list and definitely one of my personal favourites! The fresh Coconut is mixed with Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum, making it the perfect dose of rehydration after a big day on the beach, or the most delicious ‘hair of the dog’ that you’ve ever tasted!


We’ve also got loads of sea-side Cabanas that you can get comfy in. Next time you have a thirst that needs quenching, come and see us at Pepe’s On The Beach!